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About the Company

We are a 'Law Company', providing services to law firms and legal departments within the Corpporate sector. We aspire to be the preferred partners of our clients. As a novel conecpt in India, we are providing 'Flexible Lawyers' to our clientale.

Our team of legal and business professionals works as an dedicated extension of our global customers leveraging the resources and capabilities..


Document Management

Our document review teams are highly process-driven experts in project management, with extensive experience working with corporate legal teams and law firms across a wide variety of matters. The distinctiveness of every lawsuit requires different strategies; accordingly, the project management team works collaboratively with the clients to tailor scope, review strategies, workflows, and resource estimates for each project.


Contract Management

We help our clients achieve the goals of efficiency and cost-effectiveness by providing the right amount of support for contracts, tailored to their needs. Clients can outsource the entire contract management lifecycle or they can choose to delegate only specific steps of the process to us. Our expert teams act as an extension of the client’s own in-house resources, providing dependable support that can shorten cycle times and enable more experienced client staff to focus on higher-value activities.

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